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Who Is Responsible For Property Repairs?

Who Is Responsible For Property Repairs?

One thing everyone has in common is you either own or rent a property. Another common thing is that property damages appear. Minor damage can usually be handled by the tenants. If the issue is not caused by the actions of the tenants, but from wear and tear, the landlord is usually responsible for the repairs. Here are a few tips and information that can be useful for solving your problem.

First of all, check the lease agreement. Typically, every lease agreement should contain information about who is responsible for different types of repairs. These are made clear to help avoid disagreements and conflicts. Also, the landlord should let tenants know that they are not allowed to make any major repairs without his consent.

When landlords are responsible for the repairs?

  • Plumbing issues

  • Electric issues

  • Heater / A/C repairs

  • Visible mold

  • Broken locks (locks’ wear and tear, for example)

  • Pest infestation (only if it wasn’t caused by tenants) 

If the landlord refuses to make necessary repairs, tenants can stop rent payments and start a legal case. It is important to check out the state laws to understand the period of time in which these repairs should be made. If the issue is yet to be solved within the specified period of time, the tenant has the right to conduct the repair and deduct the money spent on the repair from the rent payment. The period of time in which the issue should be solved depends on the state, the location the property is located in, but typically it is 24 hours. If the situation is not an emergency - the period of time could be 48 hours.

 When tenants are responsible for the repairs?

  • Issues caused by a pet

  • Burnt-out lightbulbs

  • Damages caused by tenants or their guests

  • Issues that haven’t been reported and worsened

It's best for property occupants to comply with the conditions of the rent and stay away from any kind of damages to the property. Nonetheless, accidents occur, and the occupant will be legally obliged to pay for the damages they've caused.

Can owners charge tenants for repairs? 

A property manager can make an occupant pay for fixes on the off chance that it was obviously stated in their lease agreement that specific fixes will be the inhabitant's duty. However long this proviso in the agreement submits to state laws, at that point indeed, the property manager can lawfully make an inhabitant pay for fixes.

Can a tenant make unauthorized repairs?

Tenants are obtained to consult with the owner prior to making any house repairs to avoid any lease-breaking, except for some small repairs such as bulb changing. 

To sum up, everything mentioned above, before you accept the future tenant, be certain that your lease agreement is exceptional and states your guidelines for repairs, including who pays for what, the results of inhabitants not paying for fixes, and the outcomes of making unapproved fixes (assuming any).  

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