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Tips For Moving With Children

Tips For Moving With Children
  1. Pack everything when the kids are asleep. Leave a few toys unpacked, and set aside a small box. The kids can play until move-out time, and packing the remaining toys won’t take long.
  2. Ask your friends and relatives to watch your kids. Focus all your energy on packing.
  3. Ask for help with packing. Handle all fragile items, while helpers can handle tougher items that won’t break easily.
  4. Label your boxes. Use a marker to label the contents of the box. This will make unpacking much more pleasant.
  5. Don’t leave it for the last minute. Plan ahead, and pack as many boxes as you can early. This helps eliminate some stress as you approach the move-out day.
  6. Get rid of unnecessary items discreetly. If the kids are attached to unnecessary clutter, get rid of it without them noticing.  
  7. Sell and donate unwanted items. Craigslist and Facebook markets are great places to host your cyber yard sale.
  8. Treat yourself and the family members. For example, buy a few toys for your kids and go to your favorite family restaurant before moving out.
  9. Say “goodbye” to your house. Before leaving, have one last walk with your family in the house, to remember the good times, and say “bye”. This helps you get closure.
  10. Give yourself and your family some time to adapt to the new place. Accepting a new house can be hard and might take time.

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