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Summer Maintenance Checklist

Summer Maintenance Checklist

Summer Maintenance Checklist
Everyone can agree that preventive property maintenance is the least expensive and most effective way to ensure small problems don’t turn into expensive nightmares. No matter what types of properties your portfolio includes, the summer months can be demanding.

Stop mold and mildew spread. Mold spores can take root in damp basements, humid indoor environments, and in the dirt on the grounds. Schedule a thorough property inspection for signs of mold with human eyes and thermal cameras, if necessary, to detect cool spots in floors and between the walls.
Steam clean tile and carpet flooring. Carpet is known to collect allergens and a professional cleaning twice a year is a real health benefit for staff and residents. Depending on which geographic area a community property is located in, you may choose August as an alternative month. Typically, this maintenance chore is reserved for the hottest month of the year to allow residents and management a clear, hot day to open the windows to encourage faster drying times.
Keep appliances in top working order. Check out in-unit appliances – garbage disposals, dishwashers, washers, dryers, microwaves, etc. Cleaning and servicing appliances extend the life-cycle. This is also a perfect time to give the on-site laundry facility a top to bottom cleaning since you’ll be inspecting the washers and dryers anyway.

Protect outdoor furnishings. Pressure wash hard surfaces. Pressure washing parking areas, driveways, sidewalks and breezeways not only gives your property a clean, welcoming appearance, it allows your maintenance crew to spot, and address, problems such as cracks, potholes and unwanted vegetation growing in areas could pose safety hazards. (Weeds and grass that push through cracks in concrete can cause extensive damage if not treated promptly.)

Refresh common areas. Mid-summer is the perfect time to repaint the administrative offices and interior common areas, have upholstered furniture and drapes cleaned, and update wall art. A fresh coat of paint and new decorations keeps your property looking attractive and creates good vibes for current and future residents.

Clean the gutters and down-spouts. Excess dirt and debris may trap water in the gutters, which may freeze during cold weather. The expanding ice can crack or otherwise damage your gutter system beyond repair. Clean gutters also discourage animals and insects from building nests and reduce mold and mildew colonization.
Update the flower beds. As summer winds down, prepare your flower beds and containers to improve your curb appeal and attract new residents before fall. Replace spring annuals with plant varieties that thrive in cooler weather. Mulch your perennial beds. Trim the shrubs. Keep an eye out for pests and insects that can damage your building and other assets. The perfect time to treat for bugs and rodents in most areas is before they build their winter nesting site.

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