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How much does Property Management Cost?

If you are a landlord who has hesitant to hire a professional property management company, the cost of hiring a property manager is much less than the cost of making a possible mistake. As a property management company, it is our responsibility to ensure that your rental process is as smooth as it can possibly be. We provide asset protection, investment growth and experience that is required for day to day management.

Leasing Fee

Property Management companies charge a leasing fee which covers the costs of preparing your property for the rental market, advertising your property to prospective tenants, showing your home, screening your applicants, and managing the signing of the rental agreement once the prospected tenants have been qualified to be approved. The leasing fee is a one-time fee everything a contract must be signed.

Management Fee

This fee is collected monthly based on percentage. This fee is automatically deducted from the monthly rental income proceeds. This cost covers ongoing management of your property (including free inspections), it includes responding to maintenance issues, coordinating with vendors, rental collections, and the enforcement of the lease agreement. There might be separate charges that follow from the lease and management fees, some companies charge additional for advertising, inspections, bookkeeping, evictions, and other functions.

Every day your property is not leased, you lose money. Thousands of homeowners and investors trust us to manage their rental property and to maximize the return on their investment. To them the cost of property management is worth the price. We help property owners get market rent, avoid common mistakes and place quality tenants faster.

Our pricing is competitive with property managers in the area, however with us, you benefit from the added value of 10 plus years of property management experience from the nation’s leading property management company.  We are professional and trustworthy which ensures our owners and tenants are satisfied.  In addition, we make sure our clients know what to expect up front, with no hidden fees or surprises. Our customers value the services we provide, for a fair price.

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